Hiking BigA hike is a journey on foot, usually with a purpose, a route, and a destination. Cub Scout dens will have several opportunities for taking hikes related to adventure requirements.

Here are some suggestions for different types of hikes:

  • Homes Hike - Look for spider webs, nests, holes, and other homes in nature. Make a list.
  • Stop, Look, and Listen Hike - Hike for a specified length of time or for a certain number of steps. Then stop and write down all that you see and hear. Make several stops.
  • Puddle Hike - Hike in a gentle rain or just after a rain, wearing appropriate rain gear. See how animals and insects take cover from the weather.
  • Penny Hike - Flip a coin to see which direction you will go. Flip the coin at each intersection or fork in the road or trail.
  • Color Hike - Look for objects of preselected colors. Make a list.
  • Historical Hike - Hike to an historical spot. Know the history before going on the hike.
  • City Hike - Look for scraps of nature between cracks in the sidewalk. Look at the buildings for various architectural details—carvings, cornices, etc. A vacant lot can provide a lot of interest; even one overturned rock can reveal surprises.

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