BaseballOutdoor games and sports provide opportunities for teaching Scouts skills of good sportsmanship, including following rules, taking turns and sharing, getting along with others, and fair play. They provide the opportunity for every Cub Scout to learn the basic skills of a sport, game, or competition while learning good sportsmanship and habits of personal fitness in an environment where participation and doing one's best are more important than winning.

Before starting this adventure, discuss and try to get a consensus on sports the Scouts would like to participate in as individuals (e.g., bicycling, disc golf, fishing, skating, skateboarding, and swimming) and sports they would like to play in teams (e.g., badminton, basketball, bowling, doubles tennis, kickball, ultimate, or volleyball). Be sure to check the Guide to Safe Scouting to find approved sports and highlight those options. Many team sports can work well with small groups, even if the rules need to be adjusted somewhat (example: two three-man teams for basketball). If two dens wish to combine for team sports, baseball, flag football, soccer, or softball could be added to the list.The sports selected will depend upon interest and available resources, including space and equipment.

When planning outings to watch a local sporting event, the leader will need to make arrangements with the outing location(s) and confirm the plans with families, including transportation and any additional items they need to bring. 

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