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National Museum of the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes are not only the most important natural resource in the world, they represent thousands of years of history. The lakes have dramatically impacted the social, economic and political history of the North American continent. The National Museum of the Great Lakes tells the incredible story of our Great Lakes through over 300 genuine artifacts, a number of powerful audiovisual displays and 40 hands-on interactive exhibits including the Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship.

The tales told here span hundreds of years, from the fur traders in the 1600s to the Underground Railroad operators in the 1800s, the rum runners in the 1900s, to the sailors on the thousand-footers sailling today. The theme of the Great Lakes as a Powerful Force runs through all of these stories and will create a lifelong interest in all who visit from 5 – 95 years old.

Additional Info

  • Street Address: 1701 Front Street Toledo, Ohio 43605
  • City: Toledo
  • State or Province: OH
  • Postal Code (Zip): 43605
  • Area Code and Phone: (419) 214-5000
  • Date of Last Visit: Summer 2016
  • Things to Bring: Camera, Notebook
  • General Cost Overview: Adult – Museum Only – $11.00 Adult – Museum and Schoonmaker – $15.00 (Schoonmaker is only open May – October) Senior (65+), AAA, Military – Museum Only – $10.00 Senior (65+), AAA, Military – Museum and Schoonmaker – $14.00 (Schoonmaker is only open May – October) Youth (6-17) – Museum Only – $8.00 Youth (6-17) – Museum and Schoonmaker – $12.00 (Schoonmaker is only open May – October) Children 5 and under – Free

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