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Resthaven Wildlife Area

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The Resthaven Wildlife Area is at the northern edge of Castalia on the west side of State Route 269. Totaling 2,272 acres, the area includes 444 acres of water. Most of the land is in woodland and shrubby cover. Approximately 90 acres is in crop rotation. Sixteen percent of the land is grassland. More than half the area had been strip mined for marl (a deposit of calcium carbonate or dolomite) prior to purchase by the Division of Wildlife. This mining left a very rough surface which has reverted to woody vegetation and cattails.

Land purchase by the state of Ohio began in 1942. The overall objective is to provide public hunting and fishing by managing for species best suited to the land capabilities of the area. The area will be maintained in diversified cover types consisting of cropland interspersed among areas of permanent grass and low shrubs. Present woodlots will be maintained.

Ponds on the area are home to largemouth bass, bluegill and red ear sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish. 

Additional Info

  • Street Address: SR 269
  • City: Castalia
  • State or Province: OH
  • Postal Code (Zip): 44824
  • Area Code and Phone: (419)424-5000
  • Date of Last Visit: Summer 2016
  • Things to Bring: Fishing Gear including licenses for those for whom they are required.
  • General Cost Overview: No Admission fee.

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